Changing How Your Pet Sees the Vet

Vetter is a group of pet owners, vets, and animal lovers who weren’t satisfied with traditional vet visits. We developed a simple mission: give pet owners access to affordable and convenient veterinary care in their own homes so that our furry friends can stay happy and healthy. Routine wellness checks are critical to avoiding catastrophic (and expensive) diagnoses down the line. We believe that affordable preventive care should be easy to schedule—and shouldn’t involve taking time off work or wasting hours packing up your stressed-out pet, crossing the city, and sitting in a waiting room.

Our goal: to lower the cost of pet ownership by making annual exams easy, catching potential issues early, and avoiding significant expenses down the road. Our mobile veterinary practice enables these three goals to become reality. 

Vetter is thrilled to help keep your pet healthy and happy—after all, we know your pet is a member of your family.   

From our family to yours, welcome to Vetter.