Got Questions? We Can Help.


Isn’t a Vetter appointment way more expensive than taking my pet to a general practice?

Actually, not really! Since we’re bringing a vet and supplies right to your doorstep, our exam fee is slightly more than what you’d pay at a brick-and-mortar facility. But our customers tell us it’s more than offset by the ease and convenience of the appointment, not to mention the time they save. And all vaccinations, diagnostics, and other offerings are in line with market prices.

Read About Us for more on why we want to make vet house-calls affordable for everyone.

When does my credit card get billed?

Your credit card will be charged after your appointment. Your credit card is required to hold the appointment, and then we'll also utilize the same card for billing. No cash or check exchange needed at the appointment!

Note: your card will never be charged before your appointment.

What is your cancellation policy and how do I cancel an appointment?

We know that schedules can change unexpectedly, so you can modify or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance without charge. Within 24 hours, a $95 cancellation fee will be applied. 

To cancel an appointment, simply log in to your Vetter account, select your name in the upper right corner, and then select the Cancel Appointment button underneath your upcoming appointment. 

I have two pets. Does this impact the cost?

The more, the merrier! We offer a multi-pet discount rate

Can I use my pet insurance with this service?

It depends on your plan, but remember that pet insurance functions differently than human insurance. Typically, pet insurance companies require the pet owner to pay the entire bill at the time of service and then collect reimbursement for any covered services. If any services are covered, Vetter is happy to provide any relevant medical records for the claim and to assist you with the claims filing process. Check out Pet Insurance U and Pet Insurance Review for more information on pet insurance.

Does Vetter operate in my area?

We’re expanding every day. Check the Areas Served page to see if we’re in your neighborhood!

Does Vetter offer grooming services?

We prefer to leave grooming to the pros, so at this time we do not offer grooming services.

Is there an app?

Nope, but we expect to launch one in the near future!

Can you handle appointments for exotics?

At this time, we do not offer appointments for exotics. Once we find the right exotics veterinarian for our team, we'll be thrilled to handle appointments for your birds, turtles, and snakes! Until then, we'll concentrate on where we're comfortable—cats and dogs. In the meantime, check out UPenn's Exotic Companion Animal Medicine group.

Do you have any companies that are friends of Vetter?

We do! 

Ponzmo crafts (and delivers) high-quality farm to dog bowl cuisine. 

Queenie's Pets offers professional dog walking and pet sitting in northwest Philadelphia.


Why should my dog/cat see a vet if they’re not sick?

Veterinarians recommend at least annual wellness visits, depending on your pet’s age and health. Pets age more quickly than humans, so regular check-ups catch potential issues early—before they turn into a more serious condition. Routine evaluations establish a normal baseline for your pet, making it easy to spot abnormalities in the future (check out this article... and this one too... ok, last one). Plus, your pet needs certain vaccinations, which Vetter will make sure they get on time. We want to keep your pet on track for a long and healthy life!

What are your vets’ qualifications?

Our vets are animal lovers with the credentials and experience to give your pet the very best care. (Read more about our talented team.) All of our vets are certified VMDs or DVMs with the appropriate licensure. We also extensively evaluate potential Vetter team members to make sure they’re a good fit for veterinary house-calls.

Do you perform spays/neuters?

We do NOT perform at-home spays and neuters, but we’d be happy to refer you to some top doctors who do.  

My dog is vomiting and/or has diarrhea. Can Vetter help me?

Yes, we treat these symptoms regularly. Book an Appointment!

Does Vetter handle emergencies?

Vetter is not an emergency facility. In an emergency, we suggest contacting VSEC (267-800-1950), PennVet (215-746-8911), or your nearest emergency care provider.

How do I access my pet's medical records?

Easy. Log in to your Vetter account and click your name in the upper right corner. From there, scroll to the bottom of your profile to view all medical records. 


What does a basic house call include?

It’s a lot like going to the vet—minus the hassle. Our vet will get your pet’s detailed health history from you and conduct a head-to-tail evaluation, plus giving any necessary vaccinations. S/he will then provide an overall health assessment and a diagnostic plan tailored to your pet’s needs, including a vaccination schedule, dietary management plan, and exercise recommendation.

How long are the appointments?

We’ll take as much time as your pet needs. Most appointments are around 30 minutes long but, depending on your pet’s requirements, some visits will be slightly longer or shorter.

Where do you conduct the appointment? Should I prepare anything?

We've examined pets throughout peoples homes—the kitchen, living room, bathroom... you name it! We find that pets are often most comfortable in the living room or on the couch, both of which work great for our vets. If you have a cat that likes to hide, we suggest blocking off his/her favorite hiding spot (or having him/her in a room without hiding options) before the vet arrives.

Which vet is coming to my house? Can I choose?

We’ll let you know before your appointment which vet will be seeing your pet. At this time, selecting a specific vet is not available, but check back soon!

Can I request the same vet I had for a previous appointment?

Yes, absolutely! Our scheduling algorithm accounts for your previous appointment(s) and makes every effort to extend vet continuity for future visits. If you have any issues finding availability with that vet, just shoot us a note.

What if I have follow-up questions after my appointment?

Follow-up questions are common, and we want you to get answers! We give you the option of getting in touch with your vet via phone, video, or email.

I can’t find an appointment time that works with my schedule. Can you help?

No worries. Shoot us a note with a few preferred times and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I schedule an End of Life Care appointment/consultation?

It’s best to personalize the scheduling process over the phone (844-683-8837), via email (, or through our contact form. This will allow us to get the right information so we can know exactly how to prepare for your pet’s specific needs. From there, we can talk through the options and what will be best for you and your pet.