End of Life Care

At Vetter, we know how much your pet means to you because we all have pets, too. We want to help keep your dog or cat happy and comfortable at all phases of his/her life. There comes a time, though, when keeping him/her comfortable is no longer possible. When your pet is suffering due to old age or illness, you or your veterinarian may conclude that gently putting him/her to sleep would be the most compassionate option.

So that you don't have to transport your pet to the vet, causing him/her discomfort or anxiety or adding to your stress during a difficult time, Vetter will come to your home and help to end your pet's suffering. 

Our in-home euthanasia service means that your pet can pass away peacefully in a familiar setting, surrounded by his/her loving family.

At-home euthanasia is performed by Vetter’s specially licensed veterinarians, who have years of experience in this procedure. We want to help give your pet an easy and painless end to his/her suffering, and we will work closely with you before and during the appointment to ensure it. We will also work with you to facilitate your pet’s cremation, if you wish.

If you or your vet thinks it might be the right time to consider this service, please contact us so we can get in touch and discuss how best to meet your pet’s needs, what to expect from the dog euthanasia at home or cat euthanasia at home service, and how to set an appointment. (Note: please contact us directly to set an appointment or consultation for this service.)

Vetter is here for you and your pet.

Euthanasia - $285

The in-home pet euthanasia includes a thorough discussion with the veterinarian and nurse team that will be conducting the appointment, along with all medications for ensuring a comfortable and compassionate euthanasia. The vet is also available for any questions you may have. Family members are encouraged to take as long as they need when saying goodbye to their beloved pet and will never be rushed. 


Cremation can be either individual or communal. In individual cremation, your pet is cremated privately and the ashes are returned to you in an urn. In communal cremation, your pet is cremated with others and their ashes are scattered in a pet cemetery northeast of Philadelphia. Vetter is able to further discuss cremation options with you.


  • $225 (private)

  • $125 (communal)


  • $265 (private)

  • $165 (communal)

  • Note: dogs > 100 lbs incur $30 add'l cremation charge

Service Area

Vetter offers at-home euthanasia throughout Philadelphia, in an area larger than we currently serve for regular veterinary visits. Contact us for more information regarding End of Life Care.