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Amanda J.

05/15/18 - Pennsport
Pet: Hamlet

Dr. Bernstein and Matt were so great with our corgi. After a paw injury Hamlet became terrified of the vet (we couldn't even walk past it), so we gave Vetter a try for his yearly exam. Best decision ever. They handled his sassy attitude and fears so well. Dr. Bernstein was kind enough to follow up after the visit via email and research a few questions I had sent over. I highly recommend giving Vetter a try and we can't wait to see the Vetter Crew again! 
Nicole T.

11/15/18 - Rittenhouse Square
Pet: Coco & Twiggy

Fantastic vet! Extremely caring, thorough, and patient. I have two cats and one was very cooperative and friendly, while my second cat was not having it; hissing and yowling just for a check-up. Dr. Bradley was patient and kind, she and her assistant wrapped my temper tantrum cat in a towel and were still able to do the check up. I truly appreciate her patience. She was extremely knowledgeable in her recommendations for my cats scarfing and barfing issues and made the whole appointment a great experience! 
Kristine W.

02/20/19 - North Philly
Pet: Jackie

Vet and nurse were amazing. Very generous, thorough, and patient with a cranky, aggressive cat. The home visit made a big difference in reducing stress for our cranky lady. Very recommended!
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Carol G.

10/12/18 - South Philly
Pet: Wally

Exceptional service. The doctor and tech were absolutely great with my Wally. I would recommend anyone who needs a home vet, this is the best. I can't thank you all enough for all you did to make this a wonderful experience for our handsome Wally. Thanks again!
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Sandra P.

01/21/18 - South Philly
Pet: Sunshine, Milky Way, Alice, Tiger Paw

Dr. Russell and her assistant Emily were amazing. They were kind, professional, accommodating, thorough and efficient — all while dealing with our four cats! They brought everything they needed for full checkups and vaccinations. She called a day later with test results and more good advice for our senior cat. We have found our veterinarian and we are thrilled! I am now recommending Vetter to everyone. 
Lynsey H.

05/02/18 - Kensington
Pet: Zubi, Zelda, Kyber

Dr. Organist did an excellent job with my slightly fearful pup. I'm so glad Vetter was able to see him in a setting that he feels safe in, but her careful approach made a big difference too. Thank you!
Georgia S.

03/22/19 - Northern Liberties
Pet: Goon, Dorian, Milky

Dr. O was fantastic - I could not be happier with the experience - my pets were comfortable with her right away (which is unusual). I have a special needs pet and she was very patient and compassionate - and was able to perform the exam with success. I'll add that my cats are the single most important thing in my life and I now trust you guys 100% with them. The person (Carly) who assisted her was also wonderful.
Cheryl L.

10/19/18 - Kensington
Pet: Lola

Dr. Sara was great with Lola... even though Lola wasn't being cooperative. :) I felt like the advice for next steps were sound and that she truly cared about giving the best care. I will definitely be using Vetter again. So convenient!
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Marilyn W.

07/31/18 - Narberth
Pet: Sequel & Holly

Very thorough and professional exam of our diabetic cat, Sequel. What a joy not to upset Sequel by capturing him, placing him in his carrier, and going to the vet's office. Sequel was able to stay calm and enjoy the remainder of his day - without hiding under the bed for hours! Bravo - and thank you.
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Meghan G.

11/10/17 - Queen Village
Pet: Nairy

My cat was very nervous during the visit but the doctor was very sweet, professional, and had very good advice. Vetter as a service is extremely easy to use, convenient for scheduling, and fast with email results/prescriptions! 5 out of 5!
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Katie S.

01/29/18 - Chestnut Hill
Pet: Hank & Babou

This was seriously the best vet experience in the world. Our one cat is super nervous all the time but Megan was a true professional who heard our concerns and made our cat comfortable enough to be looked at. Definitely much better than trying to get him into a carrier!
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Nicole C.

06/19/18 - Rittenhouse Square
Pet: Daisy

Dr. Stephen came on time and was open to answering all of my questions! I didn’t feel rushed at all and he was patient when handling my nervous/ hyperactive yorkie. He took the time to explain everything to me, gave me plenty of practical advice, and had all medications with him, making the whole process very smooth and quick in spite of all of his patient explaining, my dogs squirming, and my questions. Vetter removed all the headache associated with going to the vet and I’m so thankful. Will definitely be using this service in the future 
Dave H.

06/01/18 - Fishtown
Pet: Maximus

Great job with Maximus. Doctor's colleague was awesome as well. One of the easier vet experiences with Maximus. Highly recommend them for future visits!
Brittany E.

06/22/18 - Fairmount
Pet: Stormy

Sara was so patient with my girl Stormy! She spent time getting to know her, making her comfortable, and was quick and efficient with her shot. Looking forward to working with her again!
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Catherine S.

02/26/18 - Rittenhouse Square
Pet: Edie, Artemis, Cybele

Vetter is so great. They clearly know their stuff and inspire confidence, but also really obviously care about my animals and their long-term wellbeing.
Michael T.

08/02/18 - Center City
Pet: Bear & Geoffrey

Dr. Garthwaite was absolutely excellent! Arrived just as scheduled, was pleasant and friendly with our two cats and answered all of our questions. I couldn't recommend Vetter any higher!
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Barbara W.

11/09/17 - Kensington
Pet: Mimi & Candi

Their knowledge, compassion and patience were unbelievable. They never got frustrated or gave up when my two girls were hissing and not cooperating. This was such a positive experience and I will definitely be using Vetter for all future check-ups.  
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Hilary F.

01/25/18 - Art Museum
Pet: Zoe

The doctor was nice and friendly with the cats, and was very helpful. When she found that our cats bloodwork indicated an immediate problem, she quickly got in touch with us, and called ahead at UPenn so that our visit would go as smoothly as possible. We will definitely be requesting her as our vet in the future.
Kyle L.

05/23/18 - Graduate Hospital
Pet: Franklin

Fantastic experience using Vetter for the first time. Our veterinarian was friendly, knowledgeable and Franklin The Dog was definitely happy to have the appointment in his home. Thanks, we’ll definitely be seeing you guys again.
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Stephanie E.

12/22/17 - Art Museum
Pet: Bentley

Dr. Bernstein was awesome. She was extremely personable and made me and Bentley feel comfortable. She spent the time to answer my questions. And how convenient is it to have your vet come to you! I would definitely recommend Vetter. 
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Alison M.

10/23/17 - Port Richmond
Pet: Hemingway & Khaleesi

I have recommended Doc B less than 24 hours after our appointment to a co-worker. Paws down, the best vet experience our family has ever had. Doctor B & her assistant are a great team. 
Seth S.

03/01/18 - Fishtown
Pet: Golda

Great listener and communication. And such a great team. Thank you so much for taking care of our family and for making us all feel at ease.
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Anastasiya K.

08/17/18 - West Philly
Pet: Marble & Rocky

Dr. Camp was extremely sweet and I could instantly tell my pet's wellbeing was of utmost importance to her. She was completely unfazed by my cat's aggressive behavior and she reassured me throughout the entire process. She also contacted me with the results in a very prompt fashion, both by email and phone. Would absolutely have her for a visit again!
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Justin S.

03/06/18 - Northern Liberties
Pet: Trixie

Dr. Pell and her assistant Luke had amazing bedside manner with Trixie who HATES going to the vet and being examined  It was very evident to me that they wanted Trixie to feel as comfortable as possible, which in turn made me comfortable. Thank you!
Tyreese M.

07/21/18 - South Philly
Pet: Shaka & Ghost

Doctor and vet nurse were professional, thorough and experienced. The In-Home visit eased tensions for both my dogs and I. It was an easy process and I will be using this service for the life of my dogs.
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Ida C.

04/27/18 - Manayunk
Pet: Ginger

Very happy with the service and info given to me in reference to Ginger issue.would definitely refer Vetter to friends and have already. Will be setting up anther appt for a follow up with same doctor.
Daniela P.

08/06/19 - South Philly
Pet: Luna

Dr. Bernstein and her medical assistant were fantastic. My senior cat is very particular about everything. Dr. Bernstein coached me throughout the visit to provide the best and least stressful experience for my baby. She even took a step further to research and provide notes on a medication that would be the easiest to administer to my cat. 
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Simin Z.

01/29/18 - Fairmount
Pet: Whiskey

Vetter team did a very good job on giving my cat vaccine and trimming his nails and toe nails. They are very friendly, and the visit was well planned. The whole process was quick so my cat didn't suffer much. Thanks, great job!
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Ben D.

05/06/18 - Kensington
Pet: Henry & Bella

Excellent service and very knowledgeable. Doctor Meg was amazing with my dogs and with helping us out with any and all concerns and questions we had. We felt very comfortable with her coming to our home and look forward to using Vetter's services again!
Chuck 3
JayMe M.

06/26/19 - Rittenhouse Square
Pet: Charlee

Dr. Bernstein explained my options in an easy to understand manner and allowed me to discuss my goals and desires for my dog to guide her treatment plan. Would definitely love to see her for any future appointments for Charlee! Thank you!
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Amber B.

08/14/18 - Fairmount
Pet: Miles

Vetter was great. Dr. Camp worked with us to deal with a very anxious dog and made accommodations to allow our dog to be as comfortable as possible during his exam. She also helped us make decisions on options to help him deal with his anxiety prior to his next visit. Will certainly be using Vetter again. Much easier than dealing with an office visit. 
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Judith G.

07/11/18 - Bala Cynwyd
Pet: Fili

The doctor and her assistant were extremely professional and provided a thorough examination of our newly rescued cat. I am so happy to have discovered Vetter+ and will definitely keep them close. It is much less stress for us both! Thank you a million times over.
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Elizabeth L.

04/20/19 - Main Line
Pet: Kate

Dr. Arielle was kind, compassionate, knowledgable and so amazing. We were so blessed to have her help us with our elderly cat. Dr. Arielle was beyond our expectations and we are so grateful. Thank you Vetter.
Cori G.

12/19/19 - Manayunk
Pet: Orbit

Dr. Bernstein was great! She came over to give our new puppy some vaccines and she handled him so well. She offered advice that helped us keep him calm during the visit and it worked perfectly. He barely even noticed he was getting shots, it seemed like he just thought he met a new friend who came to visit. We will definitely be working with Dr. Bernstein and Vetter again!
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Michael W.

07/20/18 - Fairmount
Pet: Willow

Dr Sara was terrific! She treated my dog with such kindness, while also answering my questions and giving clear instructions about next steps with the treatment. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and caring displayed during the visit. Thank you!
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Chris S.

08/22/18 - Lansdowne
Pet: Mimi & Tula

Dr. Garthwaite (and his assistant) was phenomenal, to say the least. He arrived right on time for an early morning appointment, was kind, professional, caring, mindful of our pet’s needs, informative, and he sent us a follow up email almost immediately after leaving. Highly recommend having him come out for your next visit!
Cassandra W.

03/27/19 - Graduate Hospital
Pet: Poppy

Dr. Garthwaite was great as always. He always is so sweet to Poppy and was very gentle with her ear. He gave me good advice and answered all my questions. Vet visits are so much easier than they used to be. 
Marie A.

07/13/19 - Fairmount
Pet: The Dauphine

Dr. Camp was so friendly and very patient with my The Dauphine (cat) who freaked out on us. I will see Vetter back at my home for my kitty's vaccinations in October.  Thank you!
Vanessa N.

08/31/19 - Mount Airy
Pet: Dexter

This was my very first time having a home visit for my new kitty Dexter and it was remarkably easy. Both vet and technician made it so very easy and were so thoughtful and new just how to handle Dexter. So thankful they were able to come to my home!
Justin S.

01/31/20 - Rittenhouse Square
Pet: Trixie

Doctor Bernstein did a great job with my cat who is very skiddish and usually not comfortable with strangers. We were able to do an exam and two vaccinations in a few minutes without any issues. I would recommend Vetter for anyone that has a nervous or difficult pet, as the home setting makes it easier.